Rental-Appartments an einem Park

Sharp rise in housing shortage in German cities

PROGEDO already reported on the problems in the German rental market in spring 2020. You can read it again in the following articles:

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How to get international care workers to Germany – we support you as an employer

You have made the decision to hire a care worker from abroad and want to ensure that they are supported well on their way to Germany? Then PROGEDO is here for you. We offer support in the early stages of preparation of the process and guide you professionally through all necessities.

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Meeting Germany’s shortage of care workers with foreign care specialists

Care workers in Germany

Germany’s demand for stationary and ambulant care services has drastically increased during the last years and this trend is still lasting. German hospitals and nursing homes have increasing difficulty to find skilled care workers in the health sector within the country.

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Gibt es Diskriminierung auf dem deutschen Wohnungsmarkt

Discrimination on Germany’s residential market?

Why is it so difficult for an expat who doesn’t speak German to get accepted as the new tenant of a sought-after rental apartment? And what can you do, as an employer and employee, to secure success despite these odds?

In Germany’s urban centres, there’s hardly anything more laborious in life than the task of finding an apartment. At least that’s what anyone looking will confirm to you without exception. And it’s particularly difficult for anyone from abroad. There are many different reasons for this.

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Situation des Mietmarktes in deutschen Großstädten

The situation on the rental market in major German cities – what do you need to know?

Finding an apartment with an affordable rent isn’t all that easy in Germany. In fact, in many large cities it has become extremely difficult. Especially if you don’t speak German and aren’t familiar with the “rules” that govern how to submit applications and attend viewings. The search process has become even more tricky by amendments made to the German Real Estate Agents Act (also known as the “Orderer Principle”) in 2015. Since this change in the law was introduced, the person who commissioned the agent must pay the agent – and that is usually the landlord. This brings financial relief for the tenant – who in the past would usually have had to pay two months’ rent plus VAT to an agent if the landlord had hired one. But unfortunately, this change in the law hasn’t just brought positive repercussions with it.

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Language Skills und Job Prospects

Mietpreisbremse wirkungslos?