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Frankfurter Rundschau

Frankfurt has many names. With PROGEDO Relocation it should be ‘Main Frankfurt’. Nine of the ten largest skyscrapers in Germany are here. Sir Norman Foster’s Commerzbank Tower is 259 meters high. For those wanting to move up and into Frankfurt,  the experienced PROGEDO Frankfurt Team really promises the best prospects and the whole picture – and not just the view from the observation deck of the main tower of the state bank of Hessen-Thurigen.

Since 1995, the team has been taking care of the Rhine- Main-Neckar area from Limburg to Heidelberg/Mannheim/Ludwigshafen and from Mainz to Hanau with the main focus on Frankfurt.

The PROGEDO Frankfurt office is one of the PROGEDOs Immigration Competence center. The team is specialised in all questions around work and residence permit and how to get a visa for Germany.