Dresden is often referred to as the Florence on the Elbe. Grace and beauty of the city centre are considered the trademark of the city on the river Elbe. Erich Kästner grew up here and properly noted, “if it is true that I not only know what is bad and ugly but also what is beautiful, then I owe this gift to my luck to have been grown up in Dresden”.

Besides Dresden, the PROGEDO Dresden branch also accompanies relocations to Leipzig, Chemnitz, Zwickau, Cottbus and Bautzen. Furthermore, if you seek contacts in Poland, you can benefit from the network of this team.

The Technical University, prospering economy, good living conditions and a rich culture – Dresden is expanding by 5,000 inhabitants annually. The birth rate is high too. Why should Dresden be better off than the other major cities? Rents are going up, the housing market is tense and finding accommodation is getting harder although high income earners still have enough choices.