Das Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz

Long visa waiting times for skilled workers at German embassies

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If a company intends to hire a qualified professional (“Fachkraft”) living outside Germany who requires a visa, there is no way of avoiding the German embassies and consulates in the respective country where the prospective new employee currently resides.* Unfortunately though, these first points of contact are operating hopelessly beyond capacity in many countries: People can expect to wait three months for an appointment in India, six months in Pakistan or the Philippines, and a whole nine months in Cameroon or the Western Balkans. In some countries, it can take as long as twelve months before you get to hand in your application documents. That is, if you manage to get an appointment at all – as that’s purely a matter of luck. Only those who constantly check the pages of the respective consular post are in with a chance of securing an appointment by chance. Or those who make use of the now numerous “agencies” in the respective countries that promise to arrange an earlier appointment for a fee. In some countries you cannot even book an appointment directly. You have to be placed on a waiting list first.

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