Quarantine in times of Corona- How PROGEDO supports you

Newly hired employees from Corona risk areas, who can only travel to Germany when they self-quarantine upon their arrival, will be a stress test for German employers during the next couple of months. This is also valid for returnees from these areas.

Those who have to quarantine are obligated to notify the responsible public health department. Right after their arrival, they must immediately go to a suitable place to self-quarantine for 14 days.

This place can be a hotel room, a furnished apartment, or a pre-existing apartment. It is not allowed to leave this place for 14 days.

The organization of these mandatory measurements is a huge challenge for foreign employees and often they will depend on their employers to help them. The employer themselves is often short on resources for these additional demands and lacks resources to guarantee a fulfillment of the necessities.

Our quarantine packages ease the challenges of these difficult times significantly. Here, we offer three variations of our quarantine packages: our “basic quarantine package,” a simple service package without searching for a suitable apartment and an additional package that includes searching for an apartment. On demand, we can rent the apartment in the name of PROGEDO as well.

Our packages include coordination and organization of the travel from the airport after arrival to the apartment, the handover of the apartment, support with the formalities and supply of groceries during the time of quarantine. Additionally, we are available for queries at any time via our online chat. Of course, during our office hours, we are reachable via phone as well. In emergencies, we support our customers with the communication with public health offices or doctors. Especially during these difficult times, it is of great help to have people support you who live up to their aspiration to be “the first friend abroad”.

“With our quarantine packages you, as an employer, can make sure your new employee feels well cared for even before they leave for Germany. So they are sure they’re in good hands with our outstanding service when they arrive in a new and often unfamiliar destination. Especially during these uncertain times, your employee will appreciate it.”

Jörg Holsten, Managing Partner, PROGEDO relocation

In case your company has additional services booked with us, we use this time to prepare those in a sensible way. For example, for home search, preparing administrative procedures or opening of a bank account.

You can inform yourself here about quarantine packages, book them or build yourself an individual package according to your needs.