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Information about visa applications for Russian citizens

PROGEDO – the first friend abroad. This statement obliges! That is why we regularly inform our customers about current events which we consider particularly important for them.

Currently, we are all concerned with the war in Ukraine and the associated sanctions in Russia. Especially companies that employ Russian employees in Russia are concerned about them and their relatives.

We have seen special European Directives implemented into German national law for Ukrainian refugees and also regulations that allow Ukrainian citizens to apply at German embassies in neighbouring countries – this is quite some development for immigration to Europe and especially to Germany. And shows humanity to those who need to leave their country.

Since last week now there is a new instruction in place from the ministry of foreign affairs addressing Russian nationals who want to leave Russia – even if it is a very limited rule :
Visa applications for a national D visa from employees of Russian nationality can be done at a foreign mission other than in Russia IF they are employed at a location in Russia or a branch of a German or internationally active company or an internationally active group of companies that is located in Russia and will be employed at a German branch or at a German location of the same company or group of companies.

The applicant must have had their habitual residence in Russia at the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and only moved it abroad as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They must also have been employed there on February 24th, 2022 and must not have been terminated.

Even if the rule is really limited it feels a bit like a paradigm shift.