Relocation for Start-ups

A warm welcome instead of a plunge into cold water

The Federal association of German start-ups already calls under item 3 in its 10 point start-up agenda for a better welcoming of foreign professionals and founders. The issue of immigration therefore needs to be simplified. Many German cities have set up welcome centres especially for this purpose and for the necessities of skilled immigrants, where relevant services such as applying for residency and visits to the registration offices can be completed together in one appointment in English . This is highly appreciated by resident companies.

In fact, not only the German SME sector is struggling to find qualified workers, as competition for the best talents is raging fiercely and it´s usually the known and supposedly secure large enterprises that win it by searching more professionally and further-a-field, offering better promotion possibilities, career opportunities and usually offering better pay.

For some it´s a shortage of skilled labour, for others a question of survival

Even young entrepreneurs are experiencing this fight for talents and are on the one hand forced to rely on employing professionals from abroad and on the other hand able to integrate them far more easily into the corporate culture. It is almost impossible to introduce English as a second or even first language in the German SMEs whereas start-ups deal with this as a matter of course.

The “young guns” often suffer. Although recruiting professionally by involving the right service providers, they neglect and leave the new workers to themselves after arriving in Germany by trying to shoulder tasks such as the home-search internally as money is often scarce. However some factors are sometimes forgotten:

PROGEDO relocation offers individual and specially tailored advice for start-ups.     Moreover PROGEDO understands the unique needs of company founders, having all possibilities to fulfil tasks faster and more efficiently, with fewer complications and more cost consciously than is usual in established companies.Reasonable relocation services are long since on the market, especially for young employees of start-ups that are actively involved in their own relocation such as the online-services of PROGEDO relocation.

    1. Internal on-boarding takes up a lot of time, which should be allocated to more crucial tasks that may be lacking elsewhere at a critical stage.
    2. The best talents are not only after a good salary, but also want to be pampered. A visa and relocation package, for example as a prepaid package or as a refund works wonders and is efficient.
    3. False economy: lack of support with settling-in leading to termination or the internal withdrawal of a newly recruited employee is far more costly in the long run than professional support such as provided by PROGEDO online-services.