Whitepaper: COVID-19, Relocation and International Recruiting

The global pandemic will be present for an unforeseeable time. The only constant will be the need to adapt to the changing circumstances. How to best adjust your hiring strategies and how to offer help and support to your international employees is a reoccurring topic we have come across with our partners and clients.  

Travel restrictions, self-isolation, remote working and hybrid working models: Buzzwords that float around since COVID-19 has started to define the daily business of countless companies worldwide. Especially companies that work internationally have had to adapt. Human resource departments in organizations that hire from abroad face difficulties with getting their employees to Germany or must navigate through options that make remote work feasible for all parties involved.  

We have gathered information and thoughts on how to solve the problems HR faces: What options are there to have an employee work from abroad? How does one deal with self-isolation and travel restrictions and, finally, how can an organization benefit from hybrid working models in the competition for talent?  

Thorough research, expertise from health insurance specialists and immigration experts come hand in hand with solid advice and information on how to deal with the struggles that recruiting internationally entails during the trying times of a pandemic.  

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