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Everything was better in the old days…

This statement is obviously wrong, even if accommodation in the east of Berlin was originally incredibly cheap since the reunification and Berlin altogether a bargain compared to other German major cities. However the quality of living was generally so disastrous that the rents had to be cheap. The first wave of renovation sailed through Berlin after the reunification, however demand was contained.

Currently two things are happening simultaneously: the second wave of renovation and residential amenities has arrived after 25 years and the influx and demand for living space has been growing rapidly for a number of years. Consequently there is a higher demand than availability, causing a strong increase in rental prices. It is assumed that about 100,000 apartments in Berlin are passing through this process and will enter the market with substantially high surcharges. Areas such as Kreuzberg or Prenzlauerberg are no longer breeding grounds for subcultures, on the contrary are being densely populated by those of a middle class background.

Between 2011 and 2013 steady increase for new tenancy rental lies around 20%. Average rent in the centre at over 13Euros per m2 without utilities  and in Friederichshein and Prenzlauer Berg at about 11 Euros. More expensive by 1 Euro in Kreuzberg and just under 11 Euros in Charlottenburg. Especially small single apartments are traded with higher surcharges than what is average. What´s “in” in Berlin comes with a price as is the case everywhere in German cities.

The housing market in Berlin lacks transparency, alone through its sheer size and isn’t easy for non locals to comprehend. It´s good to have an expert by your side. Naturally the accompanied home search with an expert from PROGEDO costs a bit but its benefits must be highlighted:

  1. Lack of local knowledge and orientation becomes irrelevant. You are guaranteed to land in the right place (Kiez as the locals say)
  2. The entire housing potential of a city with over 1 million inhabitants worked through effectively with accompanied searches and finding the right place within two weeks.
  3. Language barriers and other cultural backgrounds present no secret to success with the home search
  4. Comprehensive escorts and checks protect against contract and payment risks, overreaching or even fraud
  5. Good business relationships between estate agents and housing administrators facilitate the successful application for a suitable property in times of strong competition
  6. Enough remaining time during the home search for familiarisation with your new employment and for your family
  7. Many employers support their employees as standard or on enquiry with relocation services
  8. Private home owners often enquire at PROGEDO relocation for suitable tenants. They are aware that we represent an interesting clientel.

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The TOP 4 Places of Interest in Berlin

Any expat wishing to explore Berlin should allow for some extra time as there is a lot to enjoy and discover. Berlin is full of variety and thus one of the most interesting and exciting cities in Germany.

Das Brandenburger Tor

The Brandenburg gate is a symbol of Germany´s unification. It is a relic of the past and a memorial of the division of Germany into two parts, the East and the West.

Build of sandstone, the building is an example of classicism which was commissioned and built by King Frederic William II between 1788 and1791. It was considered a magnificent view ending off the avenue “Unter den Linden”.

As a magnet for a variety of tourists, a party location for New Year´s, the venue of the Berlin Fashion Week and as a part of the fan mile, the Brandenburg gate is an established and integral part of the major events in the capitol. A midpoint, a popular sight to visit and a landmark.

Bundeskanzleramt (The Federal Chancellery)

Welcome to our Chancellors office. Just north of the Reichstag and positioned in the government quarter of the city, it is part of a huge ensemble of properties dominated by government buildings along the so-called Spree-Bogen. The Chancellor Park, the Chancellery, the Paul Löbe Building and the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus are all strung together and are therefore given the name “Federation strip”. Therein are the offices of the parliamentarians and the parliamentary library. Viewers particularly take note of the 36 meters high Building of Achievement containing the offices of the Chancellor and her Minister of State, a cabinet room and further meeting rooms. It is characterised and completely transparent due to the large-sized glass facades – enabling you to always be close to the pulse of the political events of Germany. Simply watch our chancellor at work for a view minutes.

Der Checkpoint Charlie

One of the largest and best known attractions for visitors from home and abroad is the former to this day well preserved Checkpoint Charlie. This military checkpoint where the Americans controlled the boundary points is a historic landmark with true to the original replicated turnpikes and watch towers. Just imagine: In its active time during the Cold War- solely foreigners, employees of the Federal Republic of Germany and German Democratic Party officials could cross this boundary. After Germany´s re-unification checkpoint Charlie was opened to the public and made aware of its historic significance through vivid documentations in museums.

Siegessäule (Victory column)

Another symbol of the city is the 69 meter high golden sculpture which also serves as a unique viewing platform. Having managed the 285 steps you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Tiergarten and the Bellevue Palace which is the seat of the Federal President. The Victory Column built between 1865 and 1873 remembers the various war victories of Prussia against Austria, Denmark and France. The heroic and appealing pose of the 8.32 high winged Goddess of Victory is an unmistakeable sign of this. As the people of Berlin somewhat reject this symbolism, they call the Goddess Victoria “Gold Else”.

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