Property market Bremen

Bremen is expanding, but where to?

Building land is scarce. New buildings come about virtually exclusively by means of repurposing and compaction of existing areas. Only where entire areas become available can considerable new living space be created, as was the case with Bremen-Mitte hospital. Those looking for the modern and the unconventional may find what they are searching for in Bremen’s north-eastern Ueberseestadt district. Similar large-scale projects also exist in other cities. In Bremen, the transformation of Ueberseestadt’s former harbour rapidly continues: restaurants and retailers establish themselves at the waterfront, increasing the areas attractiveness

The new and the well-tried

The Stephaniviertel district has also increased in value when the waterside promenade Schlachte was extended. The promenade now functions as an axis towards downtown Bremen. Here, new living space named “Stadtterrassen” (‘city terraces’) was created. New buildings on a former school-ground are currently under construction. Top locations are to be found in Schwachhausen and the equally popular Oestliche Vorstadt. Here, however, the real estate market is stagnating because those who own property will not sell it. Despite the city’s moderate purchase power and GDP figures, property prices rival those found in top locations of other major German cities. Still, top-prices do not match those of the “Big Five” – Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Duesseldorf and Frankfurt.

The outsiders go centre stage

Still, even where prices have stayed comparatively moderate, there now is a noticeable surge. One example for this is Hastedt, which borders Östliche Vorstadt to the west. At the other side of the city centre, even Utbremen now moves into focus. Similarly, the below-the-radar districts west of the river, like Huckelride, are increasing in popularity.

Families often look for real estate in Oberneuland, where supply is limited. Here, families often used to fear the way to the city centre because of numerous railway crossings. Now that tunnels will solve the problem, demand for family homes is likely to increase rapidly. Living

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