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Those not asking for relocation support during the interview may face a nasty surprise

When recruiters think about what talents require around the world they were focused on compensation, multi- dimensional development, work/life balance, challenge, better fit for skills and personality, being more influential, more job security or better location. But everybody has recognized that the career path has become more fluid than ever and that soft factors are gaining in importance.

According to Linkedin´s 2015 talent trends study the percentage of active candidates has increased by five percentage points to an amazing 30% in only a year. Professionals around the world are more actively seeking improvements to make their lives better. And we are talking about global available talent here.

2015 talent trends from Linkedin Talent Solutions

Active talent is not always unhappy talent, but it can become so when it accepts a cross-border pitch. There are five most common reasons why global transfers fail. The Linkedin report indicates that talent from Saudi Arabia (51%), UAE (48%) and India (45%) shows merely active patterns when it comes to job searching. In their countries they find good schools and universities but often too little space for personal growth and development possibilities. Societies are rigid and inflexible. But even in Japan (20%), the Netherlands (19%) and Taiwan (19%) a significant percentage of the talent is actively seeking for something better.

Social professional networks have conquered an astonishing second rank among the most popular channels where young and experienced pros are looking for opportunities (56%). The classical online job boards are still in the leading position (60%). Most position seekers want precise information from a recruiter calling on them: role responsibilities, specific reason why a company is reaching out, salary range, company culture and mission and much more.

Global society

Why is this important question so often forgotten: Where is help to relocate? As word of mouth becomes a more and more important source of gathering information about global job opportunities it is hardly comprehensible why this particular aspect *remains often untouched in a pitch. If you´re a young professional and you move to a foreign country don´t fool yourself that the wonderful high salary will compensate for all problems that might occur with visa matters, moving, home finding and settling-in. Often people become aware of the exact and all too often disappointing buying power of their salary the moment they look for an apartment. The situation worsens when you have family. After you have tested yourself as to whether or not you are the proper candidate for moving abroad or for a secondment, it is mandatory not to disregard that Bangalore isn´t Berlin and Cairo isn´t Munich  – even if it is the most exciting position of all times!

Skilled workers should ask their recruiter for a relocation package. The modern recruiter will think about that. Focusing on the future, ethics and missions to service people makes it inevitable for an employer to take care of new hires in respect of technical and psychological questions of an international relocation. This is indeed no minor matter, it is part of the welcome culture and an empathic and effective onboarding policy of a company  hiring professionally.

Off to Germany! Yet only with assistance when coming from abroad

Applicants should ask on being offered assistance on location in their new city and make that an integral part of the interview.

It is not unusual for Start-ups to ignore support needed in finding accommodation and settling in. They rely on the motto “survival of the fittest”. Those wanting the job badly enough and desiring success within the company must tend to themselves. Here again a development can be seen. Best candidates are now definitely in a position to choose their employers. Those offering their candidates relocation services are clearly at an advantage. As per the Linkedin talent trends survey, then one question must be asked: Who will support me in getting my visa, finding a home and settling in with my partner / family so that I can concentrate on the job from the very first day?

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