Maßnahmen zur Entlastung der Ausländerbehörden

Overview of the current procedure of the registration offices and immigration authorities at the PROGEDO locations

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Because of the corona virus, the German authorities have had massive restrictions for weeks. However, a general standardized procedure cannot be seen. Each federal state handles this somewhat differently, and in some cases you can even see a different approach in the cities / districts of individual federal states.

In all of our PROGEDO locations, we asked from north to south what the current status is. This is an inventory as of April 2, 2020 and can of course change daily.

Location Hamburg

The customer centers of the registration offices and immigration authorities remain closed until further notice. The authorities can be reached by phone and email. Short-term appointments are made for urgent cases.

If the residence permit expires, an application form submitted by email is considered a legally submitted application.

Contact Customer Centre:

Contact foreigners department:

Further information:

Location Bremen

The immigration office continues to work in Bremen. The application for eATs (electronic residence title) after initial entry and the extension of residence permits is still possible. After the requested documents have been handed in, a sticker is issued in the passport.

Registration offices work similarly – the registration can be sent electronically and registration confirmations are sent by post. This also applies if you just moved to Bremen from abroad and have an entry stamp in your passport as a proof.

Contact citizen-service:

Contact foreigners department:

Location Berlin

The registration offices are closed until further notice, but all authorities can usually be reached by email.

The State Office for Immigration Berlin is closed to the public until at least April 20th. You can register here for missed appointments or expiring visas or residence titles and get a confirmation about it:

If your Visa expires between March 3rd and the June 18th, you have a period of three months, starting with the expiration date of your Visa / residence title, to leave the country. You find further information here:

Location Hannover

Until April 18th, all citizens’ offices are closed. All appointments booked during the time have been canceled and will probably be reassigned after the reopening.

Until further notice, the immigration office can only be reached by email and, to a limited extent, also by phone.

Bürgerämter Hannover:

local municipal office region Hannover:

Aliens department Hannover:

Aliens department Hannover region:

Location Dresden

In Dresden, the immigration office and registration offices are closed and all appointments are canceled. For registration matters, please contact the citizens’ office hotline!

With the general decision of the local authority, expiring residence permits are still valid for the time being. In urgent cases, please contact the authority’s hotline.

In general, public life in Saxony has been very limited since March 23, 2020.

A catalog of fines with substantial penalties was ordered and published on March 30, 2020.

These measures are initially valid until April 20, 2020.

You can find out more on the website of the state capital Dresden and the state of Saxony.

Telephone Hotline citizen-office                  0351-4886070

Telephone Hotline foreigners department    0351-4886009

Location Düsseldorf

The authorities in Düsseldorf have been closed to the public.

Replacement dates and eAT (electronic residence titles) will be sent by post.

If your residence title / Visa is about to expire, you should contact a dedicated emergency email address:

Location Cologne

Everything is closed. For documents relating to residency that end before May 3, 2020, the Immigration Office sends certificates by post that extend the documents.

The case workers can be reached by email or phone. The cases are then treated individually.

Location Frankfurt

Everything is closed.

Applications other than new applications from eAT (electronic residence titles) should be submitted by email. There are specially set up addresses.

eATs will be sent by post.

Everything is well regulated in Frankfurt:—auslaenderrechtliche-frageh-rund-um-corona

Location Nuremberg

The registration offices are closed – registrations, re-registrations and de-registrations are possible via mailboxes, confirmations of this will be sent by post to a desired address.

The immigration office is also closed. Fiction certificates can be “ordered” by email, and then also sent by post. Since there are currently only two caseworkers on duty, only a few completed eATs are sent to the expats by post, others have to wait longer. There is no regulated system for this.

All appointments up to April 3rd have been canceled, dates from April 6th are currently still confirmed.

The following e-mail addresses are also available for urgent inquiries:

Registration office:

Foreigners department:

Citizenship contacts:

Insurance authority:

Contact foreigner-related matters:

Contact registration offices:

Location Stuttgart

Registration offices are closed, registrations can be made online and the registration form will be sent by post.

Foreigners offices: All applications and documents can be sent online and transitional or fictional certificates are issued and sent to the applicant’s home address.

Contact citizen-office:

Contact foreigners department:

Location Munich

Registration offices are closed. Registrations can be sent to the citizens’ offices together with the housing confirmation and the copy of the passport by post. The confirmation of registration will be sent by post.

The immigration office is also closed, it will write to people whose residence permits expire within the next weeks and, after examination, issue a certificate stating that their residency allowance will be extended for a limited period. Newly arrived expats who have a visa must send completed and signed applications and other documents (passport copies, copies of university certificates, copies of employment contracts) to the immigration office by email. The foreigners department will then issue fictions and send them to the appropriate persons by mail. Personal talks, even in urgent cases, are not possible.

Contact citizen-office:

Contact foreigners department:

In another blog post, we will provide you with an overview of current information, instructions and recommendations for action from the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) from March 25, 2020 to the federal states on how to deal with third-country nationals in times of Corona. You can find it here.

You can also find more about the effects of the Corona virus on visas and work permits, including a recommendation for action for employees here.