Maßnahmen zur Entlastung der Ausländerbehörden

Overview of the current procedures of the registration offices and immigration authorities

PROGEDO – your first friend abroad. For us this is not just a statement but a commitment! That is why we regularly keep our customers informed about current events and developments that we consider particularly important for them.

Due to the coronavirus, the German authorities have introduced extreme restrictions since March 2020. Unfortunately, there is still no general standardized procedure in place. Each federal state continues to handle this somewhat differently, and in some cases even individual cities and districts within the same federal state are taking a different approach.

In all locations where PROGEDO is based throughout Germany, we asked what the status quo is. This is an inventory as of mid-March 2021 and can, of course, change on a daily basis.


Residents’ Registration Offices:

All 19 customer centres in Hamburg are open and registration/deregistration are possible without any problems. You must make an appointment beforehand.

Book an appointment online:

Even if the dates are booked up long in advance, it is always worth checking back to the booking page. New appointments are often released at short notice. You can also deregister with the customer centres by post.

Foreigners’ Registration Office:

Access to the Foreigners’ Registration Office is only granted to customers with an appointment. Appointments should be made by email with the relevant office. Email addresses and telephone numbers can be found here:

Waiting times can be up to 6 months depending on the district. Availability by phone is very limited. Emails are usually answered within 2 weeks.

Vehicle registration authority:

All services at the transport department (“Landesbetrieb Verkehr” (LBV)) are now available again. You will need to book an appointment in advance at : Driving licence exchange, vehicle registration, export licence plates, etc.


Foreigners’ Registration Office:

The immigration office in Bremen remains open. It is still possible to apply for eATs (electronic residence permit) after initial entry and to extend a residence permit. An appointment is granted promptly once all the required documents have been submitted. The Foreigners’ Registration Office only records the biometric data at the appointment and then continues the processing on its own. eATs and the certificate of application are sent to the applicant’s home address by post.

Residents’ Registration Offices:

The Residents’ Registration Offices are working in a similar way – registrations can be submitted electronically and registration confirmations are sent by post. However, this only applies to people moving from within Germany. If you are moving from abroad, the Residents’ Registration Office insists on seeing you in person, and the waiting time for this is 4-6 weeks.

Contact for residents’ service:

Contact for foreigners’ office:

Vehicle registration authority:


Foreigners’ Registration Office:

The foreigners’ department (“Landesamt für Einwanderung Berlin”) is open to the public, but only for appointments. These can be booked as usual via the online portal:

Or alternatively by taking advantage of the Business Immigration Service with the support of PROGEDO.

Residents’ Registration Offices: The Residents’ Registration Offices (“Bürgerämter”) are open on a limited basis. You can book appointments as usual via the online portal:


Residents’ Registration Offices:

All Residents’ Registration Offices (“Bürgerämter”) have the following opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am. Four offices are open on Mondays, other offices on Tuesdays, and all offices on Thursdays until 6:00 p.m. In addition, the Aegi office is open on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Appointments must be made in advance at all offices.

Residents’ Registration Offices in the Hanover region:

Currently, the services of the Residents’ Registration Offices (“Bürgerbüros”) for the Hanover region are only available by appointment.

The offices in the Hanover region remain open and services can be used as usual thanks to the respective distancing and protection measures. As a general rule, customers are asked to deal with matters by telephone or email as far as possible, and to only request an appointment in person if this is essential.

Appointments can be booked online:

Foreigners’ Registration Office in Hanover:

Pre-registration online: From now on, the Foreigners’ Registration Office (“Ausländerbehörde”) of the state capital of Hanover will only grant appointments made in advance online. You can enter personal data and the reason for your appointment by visiting:

Customers will then receive an email within a few days confirming that they can enter the building in the coming week.,-Ordnung-und-Feuerwehr/Fachbereich-%C3%96ffentliche-Ordnung/Standesamt-und-Staatsangeh%C3%B6rig%C2%ADkeit/Ausl%C3%A4nderangelegen%C2%ADheiten-und-Staatsangeh%C3%B6rigkeit

Foreigners’ Registration Office in the Hanover region:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and until further notice, appointments in person are only possible by booking in advance.


Foreigners’ Registration Office

In-person visits and consultations without an invitation or appointment are not possible! You require an appointment for all matters. The letter of invitation must be brought along to the appointment and presented.

Due to the current pandemic situation, appointments are only made for reasons that cannot be postponed and for which a personal visit is required. Unfortunately, appointments are sometimes cancelled at short notice.

However, if you do not receive an appointment, the Foreigners’ Registration Office will send you a document or certificate by post. You can then use this to prove your current residence status.

If you have not received an extension or certificate by the time your document expires, you should contact the Foreigners’ Office on Dillenburger Strasse or the respective responsible Foreigners’ Office.

Residents’ Registration Office

When visiting the administrative buildings “Stadthaus Deutz” and “Kalk Karree”, you should present your appointment form to the security service on site. In exceptional cases, such as a situation involving danger, the security service can also be contacted without an appointment.


The Foreigners’ and Residents’ Registration Offices in Dresden are both closed. The buildings can only be entered with an appointment confirmed online (with a number) and in adherence to the usual hygiene regulations.

This is working very well but resulting in longer waiting times, especially with regard to appointments. Short-term appointments in urgent cases are also available on Saturdays.

In general, public life in Saxony has been very restricted since March 2020. In particular, leisure activities are prohibited except for sports activities involving a maximum of two people together.

The exact regulations are laid down in the Saxony Coronavirus Protection Act (“Sächsische Coronaschutzverordnung”) and are constantly updated.

They vary in the individual state districts depending on the infection figures.

You can find out more on the website of the state capital Dresden and the state of Saxony:

Hotline for Residents’ Registration Office                          +49 351 4886070

Hotline for Foreigners’ Registration Office                    +49 351 4886009

If you are entering the country from abroad, you must register on the RKI website. Depending on the country of entry, you will be informed of the currently valid entry requirements by email.


Foreigners’ Registration Office

Closed to the public. Customers will be sent checklists containing all documents and proofs required for further processing of their request. This applies to all those who have already made appointments for personal consultations, but also to all those whose residence titles expire in 2021 or who are moving to Dusseldorf in 2021.

After the examination by the processing department at the Foreigners’ Registration Office (“Kommunale Ausländerbehörde”), the invitation is issued (personal interview at the Service Point).

Residents’ Registration Office

The Residents’ Registration Office (Info hotline +49 211 8991) is working on an appointment-only basis.

Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday from 7.30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday and Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Thursday from 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To pick up identity cards or passports that are ready for collection, free delivery by bicycle courier can still be ordered:


Foreigners’ Registration Office

The Foreigners’ Registration Office for the City of Frankfurt am Main, at Rebstöcker Strasse 4a, is only open for customers who have an appointment. Please bring proof of your appointment with you! The Foreigner’s Registration Office will send the electronic residence permit (eAT) by post only.

Residents’ Registration Office

Visits to the Residents’ Registration Office are by appointment only. This can be arranged online or by telephone (+49 69-115 or +49 69 212-31600).


The registration offices are closed – registrations, re-registrations and de-registrations are possible via mailboxes, confirmations of this will be sent by post to a desired address.

The immigration office is also closed. Fiction certificates can be “ordered” by email, and then also sent by post. Since there are currently only two caseworkers on duty, only a few completed eATs are sent to the expats by post, others have to wait longer. There is no regulated system for this.

All appointments up to April 3rd have been canceled, dates from April 6th are currently still confirmed.

The following e-mail addresses are also available for urgent inquiries:

Registration office:

Foreigners department:

Citizenship contacts:

Insurance authority:

Contact foreigner-related matters:

Contact registration offices:


Residents’ Registration Offices (“Bürgerbüros”) are open. Registrations can be made online Currently there are very long waiting times.

Foreigners’ Registration Offices (“Ausländerbüros”):

All applications and documents can be submitted online and transitional or probationary certificates are issued and sent to the applicant’s home address.

Contact for Residents’ Registration Office:

Contact Foreigners’ Registration Office:

Location Munich

The Residents’ Registration Offices (“Bürgerbüros”) in Munich are currently still open. However, visits to the authorities are only possible by prior appointment.

The Munich City Foreigners’ Registration Office (“Ausländerbehörde München”) and the district administration (“Landratsamt”) are also still open. Applications must be submitted by email. However, the processing time is 1 – 3 months until you are allocated an appointment.

Contact for the Foreigners’ Registration Office: