Corona Update, November 11th 2020

The Covid 19 infection rates are rising rapidly in Germany and the federal government in cooperation with the federal states is trying to stop this rise with a partial lockdown. One measure to relieve the burden on public health departments is the electronic registration of all people who enter Germany who were in a risk area in the last few days prior to arrival. You can digitally register your arrival here: With the entry registration, the responsible health department receives the necessary information to check whether a quarantine obligation exists according to national regulations and if the traveler follows through. Each country’s regulations may differ. Therefore, travelers entering the country must always observe the regulations of the respective federal state. You can find the regulations here:

After you have provided all necessary information, you will receive a PDF file as confirmation. Your carrier will check whether you can present such a confirmation before transport. Otherwise you will not be allowed to travel. Especially air travel to Germany is no longer possible without this document!

As of November 8th , 2020, a new regulation for quarantine obligation will come into force. A compulsory quarantine of ten days applies to all people, who enter the country from risk areas. The time can be shortened if the person concerned can present a negative corona test from the 5th day after entry at the earliest. Up to now, a compulsory quarantine of 14 days is mandatory for those who enter Germany from risk areas. This regulation does not apply to people who only come to Germany for transit. They must leave the Federal Republic of Germany by the fastest route. Even those who have spent less than 24 hours in a risk area as part of border traffic with neighboring countries, are not obligated to quarantine. Commuters, as well as doctors, nurses, supporting medical staff, and 24-hour caregivers, may stay longer without quarantine. The exception also applies to visits of close relatives and spouses or life partners who do not live in one household – and if shared custody exists. Exceptions also apply to people who transport goods or merchandise by road, rail, sea, or air – as well as high-ranking members of the diplomatic and consular service, of people’s councils and governments.

Within 10 days of your arrival, the health authorities may ask you to present a negative test result or, if you do not have such a result, to take a test. The test is free of charge for travelers from risk areas within 10 days of entry until  December 1st, 2020. You can find out where you can take a test near your home by calling 116 117 or online Those who would like themselves to be tested by their family doctor, must call in advance. It is important: Until the test result is available, please remain in quarantine. During quarantine it is not allowed to leave the house or apartment or to receive any visitors. Do not forget: These measures serve to protect your family, neighbors, and all other people in your environment. Violations of the quarantine rules can be punished with fines! Further information for travelers can be found here:

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