Corona Update, July 5, 2021

The constantly changing decisions being made by the German federal and state governments to combat the coronavirus mean that many expats, along with everyone else, are faced with having to keep track of current regulations and then acting in accordance with the rules. That is why PROGEDO – the first friend abroad – regularly informs interested parties and customers about current events in Germany relating to Covid-19.

Since there is now a lot of information on the homepage of the German federal government on the subject of coronavirus, we no longer go into detail about all the information. The homepage with full details can be found here, although unfortunately this page is not available in English:

More and more designated virus variant areas – consequences and recommendations for your entry into Germany

After Great Britain was classified as a virus variant area by the Federal Government at fairly short notice from the 23th of May 2021 due to the spread of the Delta Corona variant B.1.617.2 , which is considered to be particularly contagious, further states have been added.

Since the 29th of June, Portugal and the Russian Federation have also been declared virus variant areas by the federal government. Portugal for the time being for 14 days, but an extension is already foreseeable, Russia until further notice.

Due to the steadily increasing number of proven infections with the delta variant in countries such as Spain, France or Belgium, it can be assumed that more and more countries will be declared virus variant areas at short notice in the coming weeks and months. It can be assumed that by autumn most countries worldwide will be affected. As a consequence, travellers from these areas will have to go into a 14-day quarantine after entering the country, without exception.

This is also problematic for foreigners living and working in Germany who are now taking a longer holiday at home. Since the classification into a virus variant area usually takes effect within 2-5 days, it is imperative that these travellers also keep themselves constantly informed about the current developments at their holiday destination. The best way to do this is via the German daily press and a daily look at the RKI website.

The following rules currently come into force after the declaration of a virus variant area: Transport by train, bus, ship and air is prohibited. Only German citizens or persons living in Germany may enter Germany from the affected country. A two-week quarantine obligation applies to those entering the country, which cannot be shortened by negative Corona tests, proven vaccination protection or recovery.

The Federal Ministry of Health issues up-to-date Corona information for travellers in several languages:

It remains to be seen whether the strict entry regulations will continue to apply to vaccinated persons in the foreseeable future. The German Health Minister has already indicated that a change is being considered here and that fully vaccinated persons could be allowed easier entry. This is also because Germany itself will soon have the status of a virus-variant area, and otherwise it would no longer be possible to maintain any international travel from Germany. We will keep you updated here as soon as there is news on this.

PROGEDO is happy to support you during the pandemic. For example, we offer special quarantine packages for people entering the country. Find out more here:
PROGEDO will also be happy to inform you about the current situation in each federal state upon request.

Another important notice: We have provided all information to the best of our knowledge and in good conscience. We cannot guarantee completeness, nor are we liable for the content provided here. The facts are simply too complex to make this assurance and there are always adjustments and changes being made. In case of any doubt, please contact us directly or find out more by visiting the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Health in Germany.