Corona Update, January 12th 2021

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In Germany, stricter Corona rules come into force today in order to stop the spread of the virus. In addition, the first vaccinations against Corona have been carried out since the end of December. Our update gives you a first overview. As we live in a federal country, there may be deviations in the individual federal states, so our information is always only a guide.

You can find the latest information from the individual federal states here:

In addition, you can read more information, some of which is still valid today, in our latest Corona updates, especially the one dated 11.11.2020 (

In general, all rules that applied for December remain valid until 31st of January 2021 for the time being, but will be supplemented by further measures:

1.) Contact restrictions

From now on, meetings are only allowed between one household plus one other person. This applies to all contacts at home as well as in public and also to adolescents and children. However, there are differences in the regulations for children in the individual federal states. You can find more details in the overview of the federal states mentioned above. There are also exceptions for separated parents and in emergency care situations in the context of neighbourhood or family assistance for the care of small groups at home.

2.) Entry requirements

All persons coming from a risk area must take a Corona test either no more than 48 hours before entry or immediately after entry and immediately go into quarantine for ten days. Even if the test was negative, one must go into quarantine immediately. Those who present another Corona test with a negative result five days after entry can shorten the quarantine period accordingly. Since 22nd of December 2020, a general transport ban has also been in force for travellers from Great Britain, Northern Ireland and South Africa to Germany due to a newly identified variant of the Corona virus. The ban applies to passenger transport by train, bus, ship and air directly from these countries and is initially valid until 20th of January 2021.

3.) 15km radius rule

For persons living in a district or a city with a seven-day incidence of more than 200 corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants, day trips for tourists beyond a radius of 15 kilometres from the municipality of residence are prohibited. This is based on the figures of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The reference point for the 15-kilometre radius is the outer border of the municipality of residence. The authorities of affected areas can override the ’15-kilometre rule’ for tourist day trips if the incidence value has not been reached for at least seven days in a row. This 15-kilometre rule in particular is handled differently from federal state to federal state, in some cases even the municipalities are responsible, so deviations are quite possible.

4.) Kindergarten, school and university

In particular, the rules for daycare centres, schools and universities vary from state to state. In general: The nationwide lockdown at schools and daycare centres, which has been in place since 16th of December 2020, will essentially be extended until

31st of January 2021 and distance learning is taking place from 11th of January. This means that the attendance requirement, which was already partly in force before, will continue to apply, but not compulsory school attendance. All schools are also to offer emergency care for pupils in grades 1 to 6 from 11th of January 2021 if they cannot be cared for at home during distance learning. However, regular lessons do not take place during the care. Colleges and universities have basically switched to digital teaching. Daycare centres generally offer emergency childcare, but here too there are no uniform regulations throughout Germany. Therefore, please inform yourself directly here ( at your federal state or in your municipality about the regulations that apply.

PROGEDO is glad to support you in Corona times, for example we offer special quarantine packages for people entering the country. Find out more here:

PROGEDO will also be happy to inform you about the current situation in each federal state upon request.