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PROGEDO relocation services – your first friend abroad

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PROGEDO Relocation Service – Your First Friend Abroad

As a professional relocation agency, PROGEDO is the fuel that enables you to live globally. Whether it’s the opening of a new international branch office, the relocation of a business unit or even of the entire company: international workforce mobility is a decisive factor for businesses.

Coordinating any change of location of internationally mobile senior staff and expatriates is a time-consuming and expensive challenge for any HR department while the actual relocation may be an exceptional emotional strain for the employees being sent abroad.

True to our slogan – Your first friend abroad – the PROGEDO relocation managers have made it their mission to unite the perfect service of a removal company with the professionality of an agency and the cordiality of a personal representative on the ground.

The PROGEDO expense management service offers businesses a useful way of accounting and cost monitoring. The relocation agency will deal with any expenses incurred by the company or the employee and bill them in one clear, comprehensive invoice with all supporting documents attached.

Thanks to the PROGEDO Client Box, the employee can simply file all expenses (like travel expenses, apartment rent, hire costs etc.) with PROGEDO, worldwide and independently of where they are based at the moment! PROGEDO will then compile a monthly expenses report for both employer and employee.

PROGEDO – Relocation Without Limits

PROGEDO relocation services include all services which ensure a quick and safe relocation and enable the expatriates to concentrate fully on their personal and professional goals.

The PROGEDO relocation agency on the ground knows the local housing market inside out and the relevant circumstances in your new location. Your relocation manager therefore not only takes care of your home search but also helps you select the international school or kindergarten best suited to your family and keeps track of all the formalities that need to be dealt with to make your relocation go smoothly.

Our relocation service do much more than just move your household goods from one place to another. Upon request PROGEDO take care of all formalities and appointments with different administrative offices and authorities, from the visa service – including the application for residence and working permits – to opening a bank account, registering with the municipal registration office and changing your tax class and related details with the local tax office.

PROGEDO – Relocation Made in Germany

Another important aspect of any given relocation case is cost control. PROGEDO offers many services on two levels: either with personal support and face to face meetings with a consultant to ensure a minimum of hassle and maximum of comfort for our clients or as more cost-efficient online services which provide our customers with in-depth advice on how to tackle the tasks ahead on their own and competent support via the PROGEDO online chat application or a telephone help line.

Besides the more traditional relocation services available from one of our regional branches – in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Dresden, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Munich, among others – the online relocation services offer a flexible option to cater to our customers’ needs and wishes. You can book our available online services 24/7 via the relocation online shop.

Providing the best service possible is very important to us. If you have any questions or special requests that go beyond the standard options, don’t hesitate to put them in the comment field of the contact form. As soon as possible one of our relocation managers will reply to you and include a detailed and individual offer. The booking of the requested services can then be finalized and paid online via the PROGEDO ticketing system. It’ll save you time and hassle.

By the way, the PROGEDO chat is the fastest and easiest way to communicate with your relocation manager and allows them to answer your questions and solve your problems more quickly and “on the go”.

PROGEDO – Relocation – We Make It Your Home

The biggest challenge of any relocation case is the settling-in part, for both expatriates and their families who accompany them. The focus is on avoiding having to cancel a secondment or similar international mobility project due to massive dissatisfaction or excessive demands made on the persons involved.

PROGEDO offers many helpful relocation services to support the expatriats and their families during that process. The services range from home search to answering all questions and giving valuable hints about day-to-day life at the destination.

Besides our services focusing on children, we also offer services designed to help the transferee’s spouse or partner to integrate into the labor market of the host country.

As a relocation service provider, PROGEDO is always by your side and we guarantee you discretion, even if the going gets tough in some rare cases.

Trust can only grow when the whole person beyond their role as expat is at the center of our attention – PROGEDO is your first friend abroad!